Spit It Out! Why Shorter Is Better With Online Video.

Spit It Out! Why Shorter Is Better With Online Video.

All you have to do is look at the top social media platforms today to see the trend in current online video: shorter is better. If you don’t hook your viewer by the end of your opening lines, they start tuning out fast. Even with videos one minute or shorter, only 60 percent of viewers will reliably make it to the end, and twenty percent of them will have given it a pass in the first 30 seconds.

How To Use Color To Your Advantage In A Marketing Video

How To Use Color To Your Advantage In A Marketing Video

Color can make or break a video. When it’s done perfectly it adds a new depth to the story while remaining perfectly innocuous. Get it wrong and it can pull the viewer entirely out of your story. Read on to learn about best practices.

3 Elements You Need In a Lead Generation Video

3 Elements You Need In a Lead Generation Video

Did you know you can use videos as a lead generation tool? Business videos are constantly proving to be valuable for many reasons, but the type of video you create changes based on the goal. A video with the intent of gathering potential customer information, for example, is a little different than a general video introducing the business.

There are few specific criteria that a basic lead generation video needs to include; keep reading to learn what they are.

3 Types of Video Production Companies for Different Needs

3 Types of Video Production Companies for Different Needs

When it comes to choosing a video production company to work with, not all are created equal. While doing your research, you’ll find there are three distinct types of businesses in the industry – Freelancers, Boutique Firms and Commercial Companies. Depending on your specific needs and budget, one may be a better fit over another. What’s the difference between them? Keep reading to find out!

Questions You Need to Ask When Hiring a Video Production Company

Questions You Need to Ask When Hiring a Video Production Company

Have you recently decided to add video to your business strategy but don’t know what to do or where to even start? Or have you tried creating your own business videos but didn’t find it as successful as you’d hoped? Hiring a professional video production company is the answer you’re looking for. You may be tempted to sign on the dotted line with the first business you come across that offers this service, however, that’s a risk that can lead to a less than stellar experience. Don’t be afraid to shop around and ask any potential companies that you would like to work with specific questions.

Not sure what to ask, or if hiring out is the right choice for your business? This article is exactly what you need! Continue reading to learn why hiring out for the task is a good idea and what questions you need to ask when hunting for a video production company.

4 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Video Production Company

4 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Video Production Company

Creating your own business video is possible and I support those who take on the challenge, but the decision to do so should be considered carefully. Producing a well-crafted video helps you reach business goals and engage with your audience and can be more difficult than it appears. Whether it’s for training, customer relations or product demonstrations, there is often a noticeable difference between a video done by a professional, versus one that is created by someone with less experience. Here are four reasons why hiring a video production company for your business is the smart choice.

Do you really need to invest in video for business?

Do you really need to invest in video for business?

One question I often hear is, “Do I really need to invest in video for business?” I always, without question, answer - Absolutely! Video is a powerful tool that will help your business grow internally and externally. Whether you’re a niche enterprise or a large chain retailer, video goes a long way to help your business succeed. There are numerous ways you can use video within your business to reach goals and milestones. If you’re interested in learning about a few, keep reading!

3 Effective Ways to Use Video for Training

3 Effective Ways to Use Video for Training

Video is one of the most efficient tools used for training employees, yet it is often overlooked beyond using it for new employees. There are so many opportunities for video to come into play beyond getting new team members up to speed on your company and their new roles. If you’re wondering how to maximize your training efforts through video, keep reading.

Common Video Terms You Need to Know

Common Video Terms You Need to Know

Have you decided to create a video for your business? I hope you have! Before you start filming or hire a professional, like myself, you need to have an understanding of the most common video terms used in the production process. This knowledge will help you understand all phases of the process, any tutorials you look up or information you’re given. Keep reading for a list of video terms

The Video Essentials You Need to Have

The Video Essentials You Need to Have

Are  you getting ready to film a video for your company? Creating videos that highlight your brand are a great way to boost business. They can be used for training and onboarding, to introduce your team or to explain what your company is all about. Before you press record, there are a few video essentials you need to have. Keep reading to find out what they are.

5 Expert Video Editing Tips You Need to Know

5 Expert Video Editing Tips You Need to Know

No matter the software you use to put together your business video, there are some tried and true video editing tips you need to know if you want yours to stand out. It’s pretty apparent, rather quickly I might add, when time has not been spent editing a video to make it shine. Keep reading to learn where you should start when editing your business video.

How to Use Videos in the Onboarding Process

How to Use Videos in the Onboarding Process

Videos in the onboarding process are a perfect way to engage with your new employees and to provide them with the tools they will need to be successful in their new role as well as ease any fears they may have. Learn how to create one in this article.

5 Common Video Mistakes You Need to Avoid

5 Common Video Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Have you decided to start including video as part of your business plan? Fantastic! From introducing your brand, services and/or products to onboarding new employees, there are so many diverse ways you can use this tool to your advantage.

Before you press record on your camera, you should know there are a few common mistakes that can hinder the success of your video. Keep reading to find out what they are and how to avoid them.

3 Essential Elements You Need to Include in Your Intro Video!

3 Essential Elements You Need to Include in Your Intro Video!

How do you introduce your business on your website? Do you provide some basic text and images, or do you include exciting elements like animated graphics and video? While many companies rely on just text and images on their website, I highly recommend creating an intro video! Do you want to know why? Keep reading to find out why and to discover the three essential elements every great intro video includes!  

How to Determine the Right Video Platform for Your Business

How to Determine the Right Video Platform for Your Business

Are you ready to jump into the video world? Before you dive in headfirst, it’s important to understand which video platforms are available and how you can use them to meet different business goals. Keep reading for my breakdown on the different video hosting sites and how they can be used for different strategies.

​​​​​​​How Video Can Be a Powerful Team Building Tool

Perhaps you have considered videos for marketing, but did you know your teams can also be strengthened through video? As evidence suggests, using video will not only help coordinate and connect departments that are usually separated, they can also improve your ROI, particularly if you take the leap and become one of the first businesses to use video for team building!

Read on to learn how video can dynamically work to transfer your business culture, coordinate employees in different departments, enable professional growth in novel ways and overall strengthen your company’s team.

1. Transfer Company Culture

Your business culture tells a complex story which is difficult to convey to new employees over time. In fact, the longer your company has been established the more involved the story becomes! Video enables you to capture the unique picture that is your company culture. It can help you:

·         Bring teams up to speed

·         Transfer legacy team knowledge

·         Reduce onboarding time

Video can highlight the varying perspectives from different departments and be used to bring employees up to speed or reveal comprehensive snapshots of your business’ trajectory.  Similarly, video can easily allow you to infuse your current teams with legacy knowledge from the past. Video also has the incredible ability to reduce the training time needed for new hires.

A recent Tabrizi Productions video highliting AssetMark's company culture.

Give it a shot! When recording your culture videos, play with different formats. Document team meetings or project deliveries for first-hand takes, screen shots of software for training, interview employees for rich insights or try a combination of the above by creating a video montage. Check out these culture videos for more inspiration!

2. Differentiated Professional Growth

When it comes to training your team, research suggests that the more individualized the process the more meaningful the outcome will be. Video instruction has numerous benefits, including:

·         One on one learning

·         Standardized curriculum

·         Ability to reference in the future

The ability for video training to enable your employees to learn in a one on one style is priceless. Prerecorded content can be given to new recruits for them to learn at their pace. The material would be standardized without the hassle of leaving out important material until a mistake down the line necessitates the instruction. And because video can be played back as often as needed it works as a terrific reference tool when a new employee is taking on tasks in real time and wants to verify their understanding.

More companies are using video as a novel way to train new hires.

More companies are using video as a novel way to train new hires.

Give it a shot! There are many ways to leverage video for professional development. Try using it for virtual coaching, self-learning for employee promotion tracks or to leverage team collaboration outcomes.

3. Business Track Record

While most companies know that video can share information, some companies miss out on the insights videos can give to the content creators. Video analytics can provide:

·         A measure of reach and retention

·         The ability to refine training the curriculum over time

Video analytics available through YouTube, Vimeo or other CRM platforms are a means for your business to measure your team’s engagement. Is 100 percent of your team up to speed on the latest training requirements? Were there areas in the training that frequently resulted in pausing or drop offs? This information can help you better understand your team’s abilities and also help to refine onboarding techniques.

Give it a shot! Try creating a video tutorial for team collaboration. Shoot a brief perspective of each team and then share. Ask your employees for feedback of their new understanding. Look at the engagement numbers as well as the personnel feedback and brainstorm how you might refine future video curriculum whether by making it shorter, more or less informative, etc.

4. Team Building ROI

Team building is an investment in your business and its future. For many companies it’s an upfront cost without a measurable return on investment. However, team building with videos can enable you to:

·         Invest up front, but continuously reap the benefit

·         Analyze learning material in relation to team growth

Rather than continue to invest in printed materials, personnel trainers or dedicated office space, the use of videos for onboarding and professional development exercises requires an initial investment that can be reused over time. Plus, your ability to compare engagement and retention to real-life outcomes such as performance and company growth will provide a complete look at your business’ return on its investment. Team building with video is an upfront cost that saves time and makes money in the long run. The result is an additional avenue to achieve an ROI for your business.

Give it a shot! Try creating a fun team building video that highlights a problem and then invites employees to brainstorm and share possible solutions. Take a closer look at the numbers and measure every stage of the initiative from the engagement training video, to ideas submitted and ultimate outcomes.

5. First Mover Advantage

The early bird gets the worm, or so the saying goes. Because team building through video is still uncharted territory, it offers a novel way for your brand to get noticed. Here’s how to take advantage:

·         Don’t overthink your videos

·         Share videos outside of your company to gain recognition

The few companies using video for their team building programs are gaining recognition, such as T-Mobile’s Magenta program where employees can participate in training and professional development through self-driven video technology. Excitingly T-Mobile won an award for undertaking this cutting-edge approach to team growth.

Yet, to become a first mover you have to move!  Don’t aim for perfection as videos that have been over orchestrated are less likely to connect with viewers. Plus, early adopters are usually forgiven for mistakes and celebrated for their ingenuity and effort. The goal is progress over time with a tool that will lead to strong ROIs for your business.

Give it a shot! When it comes to having a first mover advantage, the key is to jump in and get your feet wet! Don’t obsess over perfection but do actively try to refine your team development efforts over time as you gain data and can evaluate your efforts.

6. Tips to Get Started

Ready to begin team building with video today? Keep these strategies in mind when jump starting your video team building efforts:

·         Learn from others breaking into video for team building.

·         Consider your company’s team building needs: recruit training, cross-team collaboration, professional development.

·         Commit to trying a few different video approaches to team building: first-person recordings of team work, interviews of employees or customers, screen shots of work in action or a montage of different formats.

·         Analyze the engagement and retention of your videos! Was there 100 percent participation? Did any participant have a lack of clarity or drop-off during the video training exercise?  

·         Refine your video content and approaches over time, aiming for progress over perfection!

·         Measure your business outcomes in relation to video data and track your business ROI.

·         Share your efforts outside of your business to raise awareness about your early adoption of team building through video tools.

Click through to learn more about how to successfully setup videos. Are you new to using video for your business? Take advantage of the internet’s changing algorithms that give preference to video content and consider more ways of adopting it for your company, such as marketing with video, ad campaigns, clarifying public relations initiatives and employee recruitment.

Whether you’re new to video or already using it, contact Tabrizi for insights on how to create and optimize videos for your business! Each company has a unique story that can lend itself to both new as well as proven video strategies and the Tabrizi team is ready to help you navigate this fast-growing tool.

Final Thoughts

Team building is an underdeveloped area for most companies with outdated practices or none at all. Video offers a unique approach to team building with many incredible benefits, including:

·         Bringing teams up to speed

·         Transferring legacy team knowledge

·         Reducing onboarding time

·         Providing one on one learning

·         Standardizing curriculum

·         Providing the ability to reference it in the future

·         Offering a measure of reach and retention

·         Enabling the refinement of training curriculum over time

·         Investing up front, but continuously reaping the benefits

Team building with video is a novel way to transfer an understanding of your company culture to new hires across time. It’s a strategy that offers economical training and professional development that provides data for further curriculum refinement. The use of video for team building requires upfront costs, but the potential to save time and money over time results in a measurable ROI for your business.

If your business is already using video for other purposes, such as marketing, consider adding team development content to your video plans. Whether you’re new or experienced at video integration for your business I’m thrilled to help bring your video ideas into reality; contact me to discuss your company and video goals.