Tabrizi Productions has covered a wide variety of commercial videography. From working with tech companies in Silicon Valley to filming public safety around the country, we’ve done it all. Here are some examples of what we can do...

Crowd Funding & Grant Videos

Whether it’s getting noticed by a big VC or simply getting your Kickstarter going, video is the way the online world communicates. A solid professional video can mean the difference between a hit product or another dud.  Let us bring out your best with an affordable high quality video.

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Product Showcase & Explainer Videos

There’s a good chance you’ll never get to show your product off to potential customers in person, so what better way to tell your story than an interactive video. Seeing is believing. Demonstrate and explain your product for your website.  You'd be amazed how much easier it is to show rather than just tell.

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Want to tap into your local market without looking like the neighborhood auto dealer? We've worked on a variety of commercials from event promotion to cell phone cases and everything in between. Separate yourself from the crowd with HD quality video!

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