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How to STAND OUT with Your Video Content

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Take the plunge and start creating your digital content

Video content is a powerful and dynamic tool for your brand. A strategic video can serve your business’ branding, advertising and recruiting needs – a dynamite combo for small businesses.  And with YouTube and other digital video content topping more hours watched per day than television, the potential exposure for your business is tremendous and still growing. Keep reading to learn how to create a video that grabs your customer’s attention.

1. The Video Setup

The right video setup is crucial because it will give you the best material to work with in the later stages of your video’s production. Be sure your setup includes:

·         A quiet room with natural light that hits the subject directly

·         A camera or phone that shoots in 1080p or 4k

·         An inexpensive tripod for video consistency

Why? When it comes to creating video, people have the tendency to jump into recording without investing time in the right setup. First, choose a space that is quiet and has natural light. Adjust your camera’s subject, so the light hits them straight on and not from the back or sides.  

You can purchase a professional camera, but today an iPhone is also able to capture higher quality footage in 1080p or 4k.


Consider investing in a tripod to prevent that inevitable handshake.  A few inexpensive tripod recommendations are listed at the bottom of this post.  Another helpful tip for production consistency is to mark on the floor where the tripod will stand as a reference for future shots. Finally, make sure to orient your phone or camera horizontally to capture a video that will look great on a big screen.

2. Techniques to STAND OUT

You can create stand out content by trying the following:

·         Bring the right energy

·         Capture ‘first-hand’ experiences

·         Engage your audience and learn their interests

After the strategic and technical video setup, the most important technique for your video is an often-overlooked component – bringing the right energy to your content. Just as you are able to tell if someone is having a bad day or is utterly elated when you see them in person, the same energy is transferred on screen. Speak clearly and with authenticity about your business, and avoid being overly excited or nonchalant.

Keep in mind most people have a hard time watching themselves at first, but it’s something you'll become more comfortable doing with time and practice. Don't be afraid to take the plunge and start creating digital content; you'll improve your presence the more you film. 

Intriguingly, with the advent of virtual reality and live streaming experiences, videos that offer a ‘first-hand’ impression are gaining traction.  Consider content that shows consumers reacting to your product or highlight your team solving a production problem.

Another technique to capture your audience’s attention is to engage with them. Start by asking them to contribute video ideas, then use those ideas as research to fuel more content that is likely to interest your market. Rather than worrying about reaching thousands of viewers, start by creating content that authentically speaks to your consumers and their enthusiasm will help your content garner more attention.

3. Post-Production Tips

When it comes to work in post-production (or, after the video is recorded), take these steps:

·         Maintain the video quality during file transfers

·         Check if someone on your team has experience with iMovie

·         Create a strategy for publishing your business’ video content

As director Inarritu put it, “Movies become art after editing.” There are many tips and tools that exist for the art of post-production. Yet, the most important element is the quality of the video material itself. Be sure to transfer your footage directly with a USB or cloud storage upload rather than emailing or texting the file, which risks a reduction of the file’s quality. 


iMovie, one of many fantastic editing tools for consumers, is a video editing platform that is free to use with Mac hardware. The platform's software offers a manageable learning curve; in fact, there is likely someone on your team who has experience using iMovie in their personal lives. If your team feels out-of-water in the editing process, consider outsourcing to a professional or contact Tabrizi Productions for a video editing consultation.

Once your video footage has been edited, create a strategy for sharing your content on social media. Will you publish the video on Vimeo or YouTube? Choose a day of the week to consistently publish your video content and post social media updates about the video to your customers. Studies have shown that the best day to publish videos on YouTube are Thursday and Friday between 12-3pm and Saturdays from 9-11am. 

Final Takeaways

When thoughtfully produced, your business’ video content can speak volumes about your brand. If you capture quality footage and capture your brand’s voice authentically you’ll be sure to stand out in the crowd of video content. For more technical insights when using an iPhone, download my iPhone cheat sheet for free!


Tripod Recommendation

Tripod Recommendation

SmartPhone Cheat Sheet