Last week we covered top five video production mistakes that are easy to make and easier to overlook. This week we’re rounding out the top 10.

5 More Common Video Production Mistakes

6. Your Cuts Or Transitions Are Poorly Executed

This is one of the most common video production mistakes. One example is when a scene ends abruptly and the next scene pops out at the viewer. It can look as if the video has skipped or had a glitch.

The Solution: Fixing this can mean extending the outbound clip and/or shortening the transition, depending on what you have in place.

7. Your Video Subject Is Too Complicated

Most likely your video production will include a talking head of some sort – a person, animal, or animated creation. What you don’t want is the talking head visuals to distract from your video’s message. You want your viewers to relate to this person or icon, not click away from it.

The Solution: Always think of your target market and put yourself in their shoes. What will they respond to? What will incite them to act? That is the talking head you want in your video production.


8. Your Video Is Poorly Paced

If there is a long, slow shot in the video, then the music should slow down to reflect that. If there are quick, snappy transitions, then you want the tempo to speed up to match. When the audio and video transitions are mismatched, it’s a video production nightmare that can compromise the integrity of the overall video.

The Solution: Figure out the pace of the video and select the appropriate music to match before getting too far into the video production process.

9. Your Video Is Dragging

If you have a lot to say, or want a lot of information included in the video, a 60-90 second short can easily stretch into a 4-minute video. The marketing evidence shows that your audience won’t be watching something that long – but what if there’s nothing obvious to cut out?

The Solution: A video that’s too long can be shortened by breaking it up into a multi-part series. You can also shorten a video by cutting out the “fluff” and focusing solely on the root of your message.

10. Your Editing Seems Rushed

A tight video production timeline can cause the editing process to be rushed, which shows in the final product. When a video is edited quickly, mistakes happen and small issues are overlooked or forgotten. Editing is one of the most crucial parts of videography and must be done correctly.

The Solution: Before video production begins, make sure everyone involved understands what happens during the editing process, and why it takes up a significant amount of the project’s time. Explain that a poorly edited video will likely cause more harm than good, and that re-editing at a later date will be expensive.

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