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Save the Dates That Won't Get Thrown Away.

Save the Dates That Won't Get Thrown Away.

I'm a videographer for a living so it's no surprise to folks who know me that I would incorporate as much video as possible into our wedding planning process.  We created this fun and engaging wedding invite with not a whole lot of extra effort, plus we got to share more of our engagement photos rather than just limiting us to a few on a card, which may eventually get tossed in the trash.

We had someone follow us around during our engagement photo shoot to capture all the fun little moments in between which in turn told a story.  You can do this by telling how you met or maybe a fun activity you enjoy doing together.  We sent ours out about 2 weeks ago and the outpour of comments have been amazing, here's a few of my faves:  "This made my eyes tear up, this is so you two!" , "You guys are so creative, I can't wait to celebrate with y'all!" , " This made me want to drink bourbon and own a Mustang!"

Press play.

We embedded this into a page on our website and added a button to a Google Form to collect guest's physical addresses...cause this day in age who has them?  But we all have emails, so this was an excellent way to gather everyone's deets and share our Save the Date.  It also saves money on stamps and printing!