What do we mean by video consulting?

Have you been thinking about incorporating video into your business, but are struggling with where to begin?  Maybe you want to create content on a weekly or monthly basis and well, that seems too expensive.  And it is...if you're hiring a contractor to come in once a week.  With the advancements in technology, you'd be amazed at what you can do right out of your home or office.  We can help you configure a plan that works for your goals and budget.

Here's how it works:

  1. Send us a brief of what you're looking to accomplish with video and an approximate budget for your setup.
  2. We'll set up a FREE 30 min consult over the phone to get a better understanding of goals and timeline.  If it's a good fit, we'll get a contract in place.
  3. For a flat rate Tabrizi Productions will scope out your space for video, provide you with an equipment list to purchase and will setup everything for you.  We'll also throw in a diagram of your setup and teach how to get started.
  4. Follow up calls or visits are easy and are charged by the hour.  It's a simple as that!


"Farran is an easy going, highly accommodating director/ videographer, yet with an eye towards detail. We have been able to get the footage needed for projects with little waste or drama."  -Art Hsieh, Paramedic Program Director, Author, Speaker, Editor

"Farran is creative and flexible. She shot and edited two videos for me and her work was outstanding - with a touch of humor."  -Noosheen Hashemi, Investor and Philanthropist

"Farran and I worked together on a variety of video production projects at Praetorian Group. In the field, I was always impressed by her professionalism and her ability to capture high quality content under pressure, when resources and time were limited and little was known about the environment we'd be shooting in. In the studio, she produced high quality work, tailored specifically for the intended market in a prompt manner."  -Luke Whyte, Front End Dev. at Praetorian Group

I have worked closely with Farran Tabrizi since August of 2007. Farran is a quick study; she is technically gifted and extremely creative. She is flexible, relaxed, and works hard to make every production a memorable one from start to finish. I highly recommend her work!  -Betsy Brantner Smith, Police Trainer, Author, Consultant

"Farran is a very detailed professional with exceptional video production skills. Her ability to analyze situations and determine the best course of action is truly one of her greatest strengths. She also has the ability to be creative in her thinking which allows her to think outside the box when dealing with a particularly difficult situation."  -Gary Monreal, Trainer at Team 1 Network

"Farran is the best! Not only does she have the technical expertise and know-how, she is also great with clients. I worked with Farran on numerous shoots. She puts folks at ease and her work product is second to none. You can be assured you will have a top notch production created in a timely manner."   -Paul Andrews, VP Marketing Solutions for PenWell

"Farran is a great communicator who's very dedicated to her job. She's available long after work hours and even holidays and is quick to attend to any needs or wants. She's great at motivating and rallying a team together for a specific cause and is a joy to work with."  -Ryan Francis, Contract Video Editor for Education Portal