3 Effective Ways to Use Video for Training


Video is one of the most efficient tools used for training employees, yet it is often overlooked beyond using it for new employees. There are so many opportunities for video to come into play beyond getting new team members up to speed on your company and their new roles. If you’re wondering how to maximize your training efforts through video, keep reading.

3 Ways to Use Video for Training

1.      Demonstrate How Your Products & Services Work

Videos are a great way to teach your employees how your products and services work, whether they’re new team members or have been with your company long term. The better acquainted and the more in-depth their knowledge is about your products and services, the more successful they will be in their job roles. Videos are able to show the ins and outs of your businesses offerings better than text can ever explain. Make sure these videos are easy to access so employees can refer to them whenever they need to review various ways to use your products and services.

2.     New Management Training

Most often, when videos are used for training they’re used for entry-level employees who are new to your company. Did you know you can provide higher-level staff with coaching through video, too? Managers are the support system to your business. They offer guidance, support and training to those who are within their supervision or department to help reach business goals. For a manager to be successful they need to have support as well. Videos are a great way to offer guidance for managing their roles responsibly and providing them with the knowledge they need to help their team reach their goals.

3.     Easily Accessible Training for All Employees

No matter what position an employee holds or how long they have been with your company, training videos provide an easy way to share new policies, products, services or goals, and can train them on how to use the information. Also, for established employees who have been with your company for longer period of time, easily accessible videos are a stellar way to refresh their skills and knowledge.

By using video beyond training new employees, you create a strong and confident workforce that is able to reach your business’ goals effectively. Want to learn how Tabrizi Productions can help you create training videos for your company? Contact me today!