3 Reasons to Tell Your Brand’s Story with Video


Focusing on your brand’s story is a key strategy for many businesses, but did you know that video is quickly becoming the ultimate tool to tell (and share) your company’s tale? In fact, mega social media platform Facebook recently announced they intend to spend more than a billion dollars promoting videos over traditional words and still image content.

With major players shifting their focus to video, businesses both big and small should consider these 3 valuable reasons for adopting a video strategy for their brands.

1. Share insights about your story and team

Business is all about taking your ideas and making them into a reality. In a similar fashion, when it comes to video it’s all about taking the plunge and getting started.  Don’t be afraid to begin a video campaign and refine the process as you go – waiting for perfection means delaying results! The most important step is to begin telling your story and learn as you go.

One concept taking hold in the video content industry is stage theory. It works like this: every aspect of your brand’s story is a stage. If you had a team meeting brainstorming your company video, that can become a video in itself. Try to imagine video as less of an end-product and more as a powerful tool to capture the unique story of your business in all it’s varied stages, both official undertakings as well as backstage endeavors.

In this light, a video can never be a mistake as even the mistakes work in your favor by offering authentic insights into your story and team.

2. Engage your audience in a meaningful way

Video also offers an easy way to interact with your market. Because it can capture authenticity and often feel like a first-person perspective, customers can watch your brand’s video and feel connected to your business.

Once connected, a customer can conveniently follow your brand and be alerted for video updates on Facebook, YouTube, etc. effortlessly helping to keep them engaged. Additionally, video content is easily shared on desktop and mobile devices helping to spread your business’ message to new potential customers. 

Beyond following your story, customers can comment on your videos and make valuable suggestions for content that your next video can include. This feedback doubles as free market research as well as offering your customers a stake in the overall story.

Video is a powerful way to retain your audience and spread your message all while refining your story with real-time feedback.

3. Take advantage of the ultimate stage

If a story took place and wasn’t documented on social media, did it happen at all? Research shows people are beginning to view social media as the ultimate stage. Just as users are more likely to subscribe to brands that have video content, social media algorithms have announced they intend to favor video content as well.

Yet, social media offers additional benefits for companies having a video strategy. Analytics from social media platforms provide valuable insights about the click-throughs, drop off rates, and shares that show the power of your message through numbers.

The ability to monetize your videos is yet another reason to consider producing video over static content.

Final Thoughts

With the potential to authentically share your story, engage your audience and measure awareness of your brand through numbers, video is the content on which major players are heavily betting. When it comes to jumping in and making a video of your brand’s story a reality, what are you waiting for?