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3 Elements You Need In a Lead Generation Video


Did you know you can use videos as a lead generation tool? Business videos are constantly proving to be valuable for many reasons, but the type of video you create changes based on the goal. A video with the intent of gathering potential customer information, for example, is a little different than a general video introducing the business.

There are few specific criteria that a basic lead generation video needs to include; keep reading to learn what they are.

3 Elements You Need In a Lead Generation Video

  1. Call to Action. Every video you create for your customers (or potential customers) needs to have a call to action, but this is especially true for a lead generation video. The goal is to gather information from your audience, such as their name and email address, so you can reach out to them in the near future. Your call to action should give them incentive and clearly direct them regarding how to provide these details.

  2. Include a Form. After you ask your viewers for their information, you need to provide a way for them to follow through and give them to you. A form at the end of your video is a convenient way for potential customers to leave their contact details and for you to upload it into your system.

  3. Provide a Benefit. What do your viewers get after filling out the form? Will they see something special like a sneak peek of a new product or service? Will they receive a special discount for providing their details? It’s not enough to ask them to fill out a form, they need to know that they will get something useful or exciting out for the deal.

While these are specific elements you need to include in your lead generation video, you don’t want to forget to arm your sales staff with the details of the video and any benefits they are able to share with their potential customers. Your video may gather the leads, but it’s up to your sales staff to close on them. Making sure they have everything they need to be successful is just as important as the video itself.

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