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5 Expert Video Editing Tips You Need to Know


No matter the software you use to put together your business video, there are some tried and true video editing tips you need to know if you want yours to stand out. It’s pretty apparent, rather quickly I might add, when time has not been spent editing a video to make it shine. Keep reading to learn where you should start when editing your business video.

5 Video Editing Tips

1. Film multiple takes. This first tip should actually happen before you start editing, but it’s important to the video editing process. Filming multiple takes of your video and in clips will give you options to piece together the perfect video with the right tone, voice and lines you want to use.

2. Go through each clip. Once you have uploaded all of your files, you need to go through each one and decide which clips fit your message and video tone the best. Then you can input them into your video timeline.

3. Keep your story in mind. No matter the type of video you’re creating, it’s supposed to convey a message to your viewers. As Caleb Ward says in this Premium Beat article: 

Editing is so much more than simply cutting footage. It’s an opportunity to take your audience on a journey. Whether you’re editing a complex narrative film or simply putting together a corporate video, there is a deeper story being told.

One of the most important video editing tips, keep your story in mind.

4. Know your Cuts. There are many different ways you can put together a video. Understanding the feeling, action or motivation you’re hoping to convey will help you determine which cut is right for your video. This article from Pond5 has a fantastic break down of the different types of cuts and how they can be used to achieve your goals.

5. Add Music. Like cuts, music is a powerful tool to provoke emotion and certain reactions from your audience; it is a must if you want to keep your audience entertained.

With these video editing tips you’re sure to create a video for your business that captures the attention of your audience and gets your message across clearly. Need help making a video? Let Tabrizi Productions do it all for you! Contact me today to learn more.