Video Production Mistakes You Can Avoid Before They Happen Part 1

Whether you’ve been producing videos for years, or you’re just learning the video production ropes, there seems to be a series of common mistakes made over and over again. Not all of them are necessarily big or will significantly impact your video, but they can be easily avoided if you know what to look for.

Here is part one of our series on ten of the most common video production errors, and their solutions, from the online video hosting service Vidyard.

Top 5 Common Video Production Mistakes

1. Your Script Is Too Technical


Video production starts with the creation of a solid script. But for videos that explain a technical product or procedure, the writing process can be difficult. You need to find a balance of words that don’t confuse your viewer, but also don’t come across as condescending. If your script dives too deeply into technical jargon, you risk overwhelming your viewer and causing them to click away.

The Solution: Simplicity is key. Have individuals who don’t have a strong background in your video topic read your script and give you their feedback. You want to make sure they can understand the concept and tone, but don’t feel talked down to.

2. You Have Too Many Topics In One Video

It can be tempting to stuff all kinds of information into a single video, but don’t do it! Not only can this confuse and overwhelm your viewers, but it can ruin the overall flow. Just because your product has three different functionalities doesn’t mean you have to explain them all in one video.

The Solution: Instead of one overwhelming video production, create a video series. Multiple short, easily digestible videos are much more viewer friendly, and give you additional opportunities to build an audience as well as boost your overall marketing strategy. Check out my blog post on creating a video series by clicking here!


3. Your Audio Is Low


This mistake frequently occurs when music and audio combine. Your music sets the emotion or mood of your entire video production, and the audio explains the content. Each one has a role to play, so don’t let one overpower the other.

The Solution: Keep your music levels lower than you think they need to be and gently increase the volume during gaps in the voiceover.

4. Your Audio Is Out Of Sync

Even a few seconds of out-of-sync audio is enough to distract and annoy your viewer. If the audio is far enough behind the animation, your video production begins to look sloppy.

The Solution: Depending on the error and length, you may need to stretch or compact the frames to get the audio back in sync with graphics.

5. Your Graphics Are Too Flashy

Having a CGI-heavy video may look cool, but it usually doesn’t add to the story and can overwhelm and put off the viewer.

The Solution: Simple design and animation get the job done. Keep your video production entertaining and use the graphics to help support your message.

Stay Tuned For More Video Production Mistakes

These are five of the most common video production mistakes that we see across all genres. We’ll cover five more, including what can happen when your subject is too complex, in part two next week.

In the meantime, do you have an upcoming project that needs a professional touch? Contact Tabrizi Productions for a free consultation on how we can make sure your final product looks as professional and sleek as your business plan.