4 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Video Production Company


Creating your own business video is possible and I support those who take on the challenge, but the decision to do so should be considered carefully. Producing a well-crafted video helps you reach business goals and engage with your audience and can be more difficult than it appears. Whether it’s for training, customer relations or product demonstrations, there is often a noticeable difference between a video done by a professional, versus one that is created by someone with less experience. Here are four reasons why hiring a video production company for your business is the smart choice.

4 Reasons to Hire a Video Production Company

1.       Experience. One of the most obvious reasons to hire a video production company is because they have the experience to back them up. With experience comes knowledge that you cannot learn through reading articles alone. Professional videographers have the ability to read a situation and tell you if an idea will work; they can also make necessary adjustments to fit your needs. From lighting conditions and sound quality to the editing process, pros know how to combine key elements and avoid any possible mistakes to achieve the best video possible for your business.

An experienced video producer can also take your idea to the next level. Using their knowledge from previous projects, they can work with you to develop a more intriguing and engaging story line that will draw in your intended audience.

2.      Equipment. The second most obvious reason why you should hire a video production company is because of their equipment. Sure, you can shoot a decent quality video with the latest iPhone, but it will never compare to the quality that comes with professional cameras, lighting, sound and editing equipment. A video producer works with this equipment every day and has an intimate understanding of how each piece works, separately and together, to form the final product.

3.      Time. Creating a well-developed video for your business takes time.  Someone who is not as familiar with the equipment and software necessary to produce a top-quality video can end up using a large chunk of time learning; time that can be used more effectively elsewhere in your organization. Hiring a video production company frees you from the time required, from start to finish, to put a video together. Pros are able to give your project the time and attention it deserves.

4.      Cost. All of these reasons lead to this final point - the time, equipment and experience (training) to put together your own company video can be expensive! A video production company already has the experience and equipment needed, so they can work efficiently. While it will still require you to invest monetarily in the project, the costs of hiring a professional will be lower in the long run than if you were to go about trying to create a company video yourself.

Make sure your business’s next video project is the best it can be by hiring a video production professional like Tabrizi Productions. There is no replacement for someone with the passion and experience to create outstanding videos. Want to learn about my experience, equipment, time and cost and how I can help your company? Contact me today.