Questions You Need to Ask When Hiring a Video Production Company


Have you recently decided to add video to your business strategy but don’t know what to do or where to even start? Or have you tried creating your own business videos but didn’t find it as successful as you’d hoped? Hiring a professional video production company is the answer you’re looking for. You may be tempted to sign on the dotted line with the first business you come across that offers this service, however, that’s a risk that can lead to a less than stellar experience. Don’t be afraid to shop around and ask any potential companies that you would like to work with specific questions.

Not sure what to ask, or if hiring out is the right choice for your business? This article is exactly what you need! Continue reading to learn why hiring out for the task is a good idea and what questions you need to ask when hunting for a video production company.

Why You Should Hire A Video Production Company

As we recently discussed, creating your own business video is possible but the decision to do so should be considered carefully. A well-crafted video helps you reach business goals, engages with your audience and can be more difficult to create than it appears. There is often a noticeable difference between a video done by a professional, versus one created by someone with less experience. Here are four reasons why hiring a video production company for your business is the smart choice.

1.       Experience. One of the most obvious reasons to hire a video production company is because they have the experience to back them up. With experience comes knowledge you cannot learn through reading articles alone. Professional videographers have the ability to read a situation and tell you if an idea will work; they can also make the necessary adjustments to fit your needs. From lighting conditions and sound quality to the editing process, pros know how to combine key elements and avoid any possible mistakes to achieve the best video possible for your business.

An experienced video producer can also take your idea to the next level. Using their knowledge from previous projects, they can work with you to develop a more intriguing and engaging storyline that will draw in your intended audience.

2.      Equipment. The second most obvious reason why you should hire a video production company is because of their equipment. Sure, you can shoot a decent quality video with the latest iPhone, but it will never compare to the quality that comes with professional cameras, lighting, sound and editing equipment. A video producer works with this equipment every day and has an intimate understanding of how each piece works, separately and together, to form the final product.

3.      Time. Creating a well-developed video for your business takes time.  Someone who is not as familiar with the equipment and software necessary to produce a top-quality video can end up using a large chunk of time learning; time that can be used more effectively elsewhere in your organization. Hiring a video production company frees you from the time required, from start to finish, to put a video together. Pros are able to give your project the time and attention it deserves.

4.      Cost. All of these reasons lead to this final point - the time, equipment and experience (training) to put together your own company video can be expensive! A video production company already has the experience and equipment needed, so they can work efficiently. While it will still require you to invest monetarily in the project, the costs of hiring a professional will be lower in the long run than if you were to go about trying to create a company video yourself.

As you can see, there are many benefits of bringing on board a professional producer to help with your video. If you’re sold on hiring help, don’t go running to the first business you find; keep reading to learn what you should look for in a potential video production partner.

Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring a Video Production Company


Hiring a professional video production company is not something to be taken lightly. There are numerous factors you should consider and questions you need to ask when on the hunt for someone who can bring your brand to life through video. With the help of this article from VidYard, and my own insight as a professional video producer, here is a list of nine important questions you should have answered before hiring a video production company.

Can the video production company handle the project


If you have a series of videos that you want to create for your brand, it’s important that you ask if they have the capacity to take them all on. You don’t want to go through the hassle of finding a new partner for every video in your campaign – it’s a hassle and can take up valuable time. Another reason why you should hire one company to handle all the videos is for brand consistency and planning. By having the same video producer handle all your videos, they will be able to match the tone and message easier across all the pieces.  

Is the production company limited to a specific location?

If you have multiple locations that span a wide area, you need to find a company that can accommodate that request. Like needing to know if they can handle the project load, finding someone who is able to travel and serve multiple locations will help with your budget, brand consistency and free your time to focus on other aspects in your business.

What type of videos do they specialize in?

There are numerous types of videos that you can create for your business, from quick social media videos to internal employee training videos. While the basics of creating a video, no matter the type, is the same, there are distinct differences in how they are approached and produced. In the same sense, videos for enterprise level companies and brands that are more informal will need to be handled differently to fit their specific audiences. You need to find a company that is knowledgeable about the type of video you want for your particular company.

Do they guarantee their work?

As VidYard states:

Not all video providers offer satisfaction guarantees; in many crowd-sourced marketplaces, it’s difficult to control the quality of freelance videographers. If there is a guarantee, read the fine print to see what it includes. It may cover the entire cost of the video or only the referral fee.

If a company you’re considering does not offer a guarantee, make sure you check out previous projects that are similar in size and scope to what you’re looking for. If they cannot provide that for you, proceed with caution or seek out other video producers who can or will guarantee their work.


Do they provide video


One of the most common uses for video is for marketing purposes. A lot of marketing involves trial and error to find what works the best for the specific audience you are trying to reach. This understanding transfers to video as well. Ask if they are willing to work with, tweaking your videos to maximize the results you’re after.

What costs are involved and what’s included?

When considering a boutique video production company, like Tabrizi Productions, the costs and what your money goes to may be different than if you were to hire a freelance producer or commercial company. It’s important you ask and understand what you will be getting and how much it will cost you.

How far out are they booking clients?

When hunting for your perfect video partner, be sure to ask them how far in advance are they booking.  Too often, brands take a passive approach to creating videos, searching for help only when an idea strikes instead of actively planning a campaign. Unfortunately, that can mean they miss out on top quality producers who are booked well into the future. When it comes to including video as part of your business plan, the earlier you hire a videographer the better, not only for availability but for planning purposes, too!

What is the turnaround time for videos?

The answer to this question will depend on the company, they type of video you are wanting and how many other projects the videographer is working on at the same time they will be working on yours. Like booking time, knowing how long it will take to get your final video once the project has started will help determine if the company will fit your plan and timeline.

Do they help with scripting or storyboarding?

This question is especially important if you have a general idea of what you want your video to be but have not outlined the specific details. Some video production companies offer these services to help see your ideas from conception to final product, while others do not.

As you interview potential video production partners, arming yourself with these questions will help you establish clear expectations from the beginning. Beyond knowing what to anticipate from the video producer you hire, making a well-informed decision can lead to a long-term relationship with the top-quality results you’re looking for.

Are you ready to find your video production company match? Contact me today so I can answer all these questions and more!