Client Spotlight: Mamapod Baby Carrier


Necessity is the mother of invention. Or – as entrepreneur Cindy Wang likes to say – motherhood necessitated her invention. Her ingenious baby carrier is the first of its kind on the market, inspired by her own experiences carrying around an 18-month-old child and putting unnecessary strain on her back.

Enter the Mamapod. This carrier supports children from 12 to 44 pounds in a number of configurations:

  • Front carry, facing inward (<6 months)

  • Front carry, facing outward (6-8 months)

  • Back carry (>8 months)

  • Seat only (when child can sit up unassisted)

What makes the Mamapod so unique is the addition of a collapsible support pole that attaches to the bottom of the carrier seat to relieve the majority of the child’s weight from the wearer’s back, hips and neck.

According to her blog, Wang says she was first inspired when her daughter was 18 months old while on their first big family outing: Disneyland. So many places in the park ban strollers that she found herself carrying her daughter in their soft carrier all day long. Standing in the long lines was excruciating, so she resorted to propping the bottom of the carrier up on the stanchions used to organize the crowds. She wasn’t the only one.

As her daughter got older – and heavier - their outings became more frequent. The Monterey Bay Aquarium was another memorable challenge, with crowded auditoriums and exhibits that were just a little too tall for her daughter to experience without being lifted up.

Wang writes:

If I had the time machine to go back to that first Disneyland visit with a Mamapod, I could have sat her in the Mamapod baby carrier with the support pole and comfortably stood along with the packed spectators at the Disneyland parades, waving to Mickey, Minnie and all our favorite characters. I’d have the energy to dance with my daughter or stomp along with the rhythm at the Disney shows – and maybe even stay up until the fireworks lit up Cinderella’s castle. I could do a full day at the park and still have the neck and back strength to gaze up and take in all the magic and wonder of Disney with my daughter – if only I had had the Mamapod carrier.

If I had the time machine to go back to when my daughter was a toddler and I had a Mamapod with me at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, I would have used the seat-only mode, removed the front wrapper, and sat her on the seat with the support pole. We’d snuggle in the crowded audience in front of the otter tank window, effortlessly watching them play with buckets and floats or lazily dining on gourmet shrimp. Like those lolling otters, we’d take our time, delighting together in the wonders [of] the sea.

If I had the time machine and I had a Mamapod... 

Since its debut in 2018, Mamapod has been featured on the blog Celebrity Baby Trends and on the ABC TV show, Low Country Life.

Working With Tabrizi For Video Production

Tabrizi Productions spent the day with Mamapod at an area zoo, shooting a series of promotional and instructional videos that highlight the carrier’s many forms and functions.

The goal of this on-location shoot was to showcase the carrier in a real-world situation, and confirm its ease of use outside of a structured studio setting. Over the course of the afternoon we shot both footage and still photography that was later turned into a short instructional series with step-by-step directions and visual demonstrations.

Tabrizi Productions was involved every step of the way, from helping scout the location of the shoot to providing the final voiceover and music tracks.

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