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Client Spotlight: Mamapod Baby Carrier


Necessity is the mother of invention. Or – as entrepreneur Cindy Wang likes to say – motherhood necessitated her invention. Her ingenious baby carrier is the first of its kind on the market, inspired by her own experiences carrying around an 18-month-old child and putting unnecessary strain on her back.

Enter the Mamapod. This carrier supports children from 12 to 44 pounds in a number of configurations:

  • Front carry, facing inward (<6 months)

  • Front carry, facing outward (6-8 months)

  • Back carry (>8 months)

  • Seat only (when child can sit up unassisted)

What makes the Mamapod so unique is the addition of a collapsible support pole that attaches to the bottom of the carrier seat to relieve the majority of the child’s weight from the wearer’s back, hips and neck.

According to her blog, Wang says she was first inspired when her daughter was 18 months old while on their first big family outing: Disneyland. So many places in the park ban strollers that she found herself carrying her daughter in their soft carrier all day long. Standing in the long lines was excruciating, so she resorted to propping the bottom of the carrier up on the stanchions used to organize the crowds. She wasn’t the only one.

As her daughter got older – and heavier - their outings became more frequent. The Monterey Bay Aquarium was another memorable challenge, with crowded auditoriums and exhibits that were just a little too tall for her daughter to experience without being lifted up.

Wang writes:

If I had the time machine to go back to that first Disneyland visit with a Mamapod, I could have sat her in the Mamapod baby carrier with the support pole and comfortably stood along with the packed spectators at the Disneyland parades, waving to Mickey, Minnie and all our favorite characters. I’d have the energy to dance with my daughter or stomp along with the rhythm at the Disney shows – and maybe even stay up until the fireworks lit up Cinderella’s castle. I could do a full day at the park and still have the neck and back strength to gaze up and take in all the magic and wonder of Disney with my daughter – if only I had had the Mamapod carrier.

If I had the time machine to go back to when my daughter was a toddler and I had a Mamapod with me at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, I would have used the seat-only mode, removed the front wrapper, and sat her on the seat with the support pole. We’d snuggle in the crowded audience in front of the otter tank window, effortlessly watching them play with buckets and floats or lazily dining on gourmet shrimp. Like those lolling otters, we’d take our time, delighting together in the wonders [of] the sea.

If I had the time machine and I had a Mamapod... 

Since its debut in 2018, Mamapod has been featured on the blog Celebrity Baby Trends and on the ABC TV show, Low Country Life.

Working With Tabrizi For Video Production

Tabrizi Productions spent the day with Mamapod at an area zoo, shooting a series of promotional and instructional videos that highlight the carrier’s many forms and functions.

The goal of this on-location shoot was to showcase the carrier in a real-world situation, and confirm its ease of use outside of a structured studio setting. Over the course of the afternoon we shot both footage and still photography that was later turned into a short instructional series with step-by-step directions and visual demonstrations.

Tabrizi Productions was involved every step of the way, from helping scout the location of the shoot to providing the final voiceover and music tracks.

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Client Spotlight: skinSALVATION

No matter the size of your business, a corporate video (or video series) is the perfect way to add some extra punch to your marketing campaign - especially if you have strong visuals associated with your mission or product like my client skinSALVATION.


This gorgeous clinic is the first in San Francisco dedicated to adult acne and rosacea skincare. Owned and operated by Kimberly Yap Tan, skinSALVATION has been in operation for over a decade.

skinSALVATION prides itself on taking the natural approach to skincare, customized on a client by client basis. At the first appointment, clients work with one of the clinic’s licensed estheticians to identify their individual acne-causing imbalances, which range from topical factors like skin type, current cosmetics and skincare routine (or lack thereof) to external influences like diet, hormones and stress.

Once the root causes of the specific problem have been identified, clients will be matched with a custom regimen of products including a cleanser, an exfoliant, sunscreen and more - instead of a generic “one size fits all” approach that you might find in a drugstore. These products are formulated specifically for adults 20 and older, and include anti-aging components to postpone and reduce spots and wrinkles.

Between the treatment at home, ongoing in-clinic treatments and regular conversations with an esthetician, the skinSALVATION solution isn’t just a stop gap – it’s a lifestyle change. Dramatic results are often visible in the first two weeks, with maximum benefits expected after about 12 weeks of following a customized regimen.

For clients who may be located outside of San Francisco, or are too busy to schedule regular in-person appointments, skinSALVATION also offers remote consultations held over the phone or by video conference. Clients can also receive products in the mail to be used by an esthetician of their choice who is conveniently located near them.

Tabrizi Production’s Corporate Video Series for skinSALVATION

As a woman who owns her own business, I always love the chance to work with other female entrepreneurs to create corporate videos to promote their brand. Kimberly Yap Tan has built an incredible skin care empire in San Francisco, and helping her capture the work she and her estheticians do on video was a joy.

To begin, we filmed a series of interviews with Kimberly that allowed her to share not only her story, but a complete how-to on the process of building a custom skin care solution for her clients, as well as product walkthroughs and demonstrations.

We spent an afternoon gathering beauty shots of the clinic, employees and procedures for b-roll, which was used to emphasize the interviews, and created the beautiful intro and outro that bookend each of the videos, as well as link them together as a series.

Why Is Corporate Video So Important?

You can learn more by reading this article herethis article here, but the basic benefits or corporate video are: 80 percent of respondents in a recent survey replied that they had seen at least one video ad in the past month, after which nearly half of them took the following actions:

  • 44% of buyers viewed an online video while searching for local products or services

  • 53% of viewers contacted the business after viewing a video

  • 51% visited the business website

  • 33% visited the store

Additionally, when comparing products, 96 percent of consumers find corporate video helpful in making their final decision and four times as many consumers would rather watch that video than read written information and customer reviews.

Work With Tabrizi To Boost Your Business With Corporate Video

A corporate video, whether a stand-alone piece or a series, can go a long way to explain and demonstrate the value of your business to your target audience. Want to get in touch with Tabrizi Productions to learn more about what we can do for your company? Contact us for a free video consultation!

Client Spotlight: Nonprofit Organization Able Advocates

Who Is Able Advocates?


The Able Advocates nonprofit began as a group of mothers meeting up for the occasional lunch. At first, the only thing they had in common were their children – all of them with special needs. They shared their triumphs and their struggles with each other, especially when fighting with their insurance companies over the highly specialized equipment needed to give their children the quality of life they deserved.

Together, their lunch group transformed into an organization dedicated to helping other families who were in need. Just like children’s clothing, specialized wheelchairs and walkers are often outgrown and stuffed into closets when they become too small, even though they’re still in usable condition.

Able Advocates’ mission is to collect those pieces of specialized equipment and work with experts to update and refurbish them. Everything from specialized chairs, desks, walkers and standers are distributed to children as young as six months old. Families who benefit from Able Advocates’ equipment collection might otherwise go without these vital tools.

The nonprofit also connects families with local support groups, resources and services specific to each individual family’s needs. They offer assistance with navigating insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, equipment companies, schools and even the general public.

Over the last several years, Able Advocates has collected in excess of $400,000 in equipment and redistributed it to more than 2,000 families to help them meet their needs. In 2016, Able Advocates donated a wheelchair accessible swing to Inspiration Park, an 8-acre park filled with accessible structures and playground equipment. At the time the swing was the only one in all of Fresno, CA.

Tabrizi Productions Helps Share Nonprofit Able Advocates’ Story on Video

Tabrizi Productions sat down with the president of Able Advocates, Katrina Oh, to capture her story on video. Over the course of an afternoon we talked about the extremely challenging journey she has traveled with her son – his diagnosis, the never-ending battle with insurance, and the support she found with other mothers of special needs children that ultimately led to the creation of the nonprofit Able Advocates.

Combined with interviews from other special needs families and supporters of Able Advocates, Tabrizi Productions shot and produced a seven-minute feature video about the organization’s history and mission that was ideal for education, fundraising and soliciting donations of equipment.

Tabrizi Productions also produced a shorter video production featuring Oh and other parents, condemning a ten percent cut to California’s Medicare program, Medi-Cal and calling for it to be reversed. The cut threatened to eliminate the vendor that provides specialized walkers and wheelchairs, forcing parents to pay for them entirely out of pocket.

Fortunately the cut was reversed when AB 1805 was approved in 2014, and immediately put into effect.

What Can Tabrizi Productions Do For Your Nonprofit?

Let Tabrizi Productions help you tell your story, whether you’re a nonprofit or not. Whether you’re just getting started, celebrating a milestone, or gearing up for a capital campaign, Tabrizi Productions will work with you from start to finish to capture your passion.

Client Spotlight: Velodyne Lidar and MADD Partnership


In California alone, drunk driving is responsible for over 1,000 deaths each year. That’s nearly 30 percent of all traffic fatalities in the state. Start counting up the number of non-fatal incidents and the final tally is staggering.

The rallying cry of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is “No More Victims.” Their goal is a complete elimination of drunk and drugged driving incidents. While there are many paths to this goal, perhaps the most ambitious is a partnership announced in 2018 with Velodyne Lidar.

Velodyne’s vision, laid out in a corporate video, is a future of pristine roadways and safely driven cars, in which no lives are ever lost or families shattered due to the threat posed by human error – especially drunk driving. By joining forces, the two organizations are re-envisioning the concept of the designated driver, to fulfill their shared goal and purpose of eliminating drunk driving using autonomous vehicle technology.

The two organizations will be working together to educate the public about the benefits of fully autonomous vehicle technology, particularly in preventing impaired driving. Over 90 percent percent of collisions are caused by human error, and MADD recognizes Velodyne’s Lidar technology as a solution to this global crisis.

How Tabrizi Productions Was Involved

Tabrizi Productions was asked to produce a short corporate video to announce the new partnership. We worked with leaders from both organizations and featured a community that is already seeing success using autonomous vehicle technology – seniors. Velodyne Lidar is effectively using their Lidar technology on Voyage vehicles to shuttle senior residents around their neighborhood.

The interviews we captured came together seamlessly for this video that educates viewers on both Velodyne Lidar and MADD and celebrates their new partnership. Check out the final corporate video here. 

In January of this year, Tabrizi Productions accompanied Velodyne Lidar to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. There we helped them introduce their latest suite of Lidar technology to the more than 100,000 individuals in attendance and announce a multi-billion dollar contract allowing them to move into mass production.

What Can Tabrizi Productions Do For You?

At Tabrizi Productions we pride ourselves in being socially minded and enjoy the opportunity to throw ourselves into an impactful project like the MADD/Velodyne Lidar partnership. If you have an upcoming project you want to partner with us on, please contact us today to get started.