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Client Spotlight: skinSALVATION

No matter the size of your business, a corporate video (or video series) is the perfect way to add some extra punch to your marketing campaign - especially if you have strong visuals associated with your mission or product like my client skinSALVATION.


This gorgeous clinic is the first in San Francisco dedicated to adult acne and rosacea skincare. Owned and operated by Kimberly Yap Tan, skinSALVATION has been in operation for over a decade.

skinSALVATION prides itself on taking the natural approach to skincare, customized on a client by client basis. At the first appointment, clients work with one of the clinic’s licensed estheticians to identify their individual acne-causing imbalances, which range from topical factors like skin type, current cosmetics and skincare routine (or lack thereof) to external influences like diet, hormones and stress.

Once the root causes of the specific problem have been identified, clients will be matched with a custom regimen of products including a cleanser, an exfoliant, sunscreen and more - instead of a generic “one size fits all” approach that you might find in a drugstore. These products are formulated specifically for adults 20 and older, and include anti-aging components to postpone and reduce spots and wrinkles.

Between the treatment at home, ongoing in-clinic treatments and regular conversations with an esthetician, the skinSALVATION solution isn’t just a stop gap – it’s a lifestyle change. Dramatic results are often visible in the first two weeks, with maximum benefits expected after about 12 weeks of following a customized regimen.

For clients who may be located outside of San Francisco, or are too busy to schedule regular in-person appointments, skinSALVATION also offers remote consultations held over the phone or by video conference. Clients can also receive products in the mail to be used by an esthetician of their choice who is conveniently located near them.

Tabrizi Production’s Corporate Video Series for skinSALVATION

As a woman who owns her own business, I always love the chance to work with other female entrepreneurs to create corporate videos to promote their brand. Kimberly Yap Tan has built an incredible skin care empire in San Francisco, and helping her capture the work she and her estheticians do on video was a joy.

To begin, we filmed a series of interviews with Kimberly that allowed her to share not only her story, but a complete how-to on the process of building a custom skin care solution for her clients, as well as product walkthroughs and demonstrations.

We spent an afternoon gathering beauty shots of the clinic, employees and procedures for b-roll, which was used to emphasize the interviews, and created the beautiful intro and outro that bookend each of the videos, as well as link them together as a series.

Why Is Corporate Video So Important?

You can learn more by reading this article herethis article here, but the basic benefits or corporate video are: 80 percent of respondents in a recent survey replied that they had seen at least one video ad in the past month, after which nearly half of them took the following actions:

  • 44% of buyers viewed an online video while searching for local products or services

  • 53% of viewers contacted the business after viewing a video

  • 51% visited the business website

  • 33% visited the store

Additionally, when comparing products, 96 percent of consumers find corporate video helpful in making their final decision and four times as many consumers would rather watch that video than read written information and customer reviews.

Work With Tabrizi To Boost Your Business With Corporate Video

A corporate video, whether a stand-alone piece or a series, can go a long way to explain and demonstrate the value of your business to your target audience. Want to get in touch with Tabrizi Productions to learn more about what we can do for your company? Contact us for a free video consultation!