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Learn how to get your message across in two minutes or less.

Learn how to get your message across in two minutes or less.

If you’ve been reading my other blog posts, you’ve learned different ways to use video for business, which platforms you can use, what it takes to create an intro video that stands out and more. It’s a tool that every business can and should take advantage of. No matter the type of video you choose, you need to make sure you stay focused on the message you want viewers to walk away with.

Research shows that the best videos are between 15 seconds and two minutes in length depending on its purpose. According to Wistia’s Ezra Fishman, “Two minutes is the sweet spot. After that, the drop-off in engagement is significant.” Ezra goes on to say, “Short and sweet is a safe strategy. Assume that your viewers are busy. But don't sweat over a few seconds here and there if you're still going to come in under the two-minute mark.”

Watch this video we created for a terrific example of how to stay on message then continue reading to learn a few tips that will help you keep your video in the sweet spot.

How to Share Your Message in Two Minutes or Less

1.       Know The Purpose of Your Video. In order to clearly communicate with viewers you need to know the purpose behind your message. What is it that you want them to take away from your video?

2.      Write Out A Script. A script will help you keep focused on the purpose of your video and the main message you want your audience to know. As you write your script, try to include as many of the five W’s as possible - Who, What, When, Where and Why, as well as the How if it makes sense. And don’t forget the call to action at the end!

3.      Practice, Practice, Practice! The more you practice your script, the easier it will be to get your message across confidently and within two minutes when it’s time to record. I recommend practicing in front of a mirror and for family or friends a couple times before you record.

Remember, videos under two minutes have the most engagement; to get your message across quickly keep your video’s purpose in mind, write out a script and spend some time practicing.

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